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Mars Area Middle School

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MAMS Back-to-School Information (UPDATED)

Mars Area Middle School asks that all Live Stream Instruction (LSI) students follow the instructions listed below. 

Live Stream Expectations 

All students and parents must have a signed Planet Pact on file in the main office.  If you have not done so already, please click on the link, print, sign and return the document to the main office.  We ask that all parents and students adhere to the established guidelines outlined in this document.

PLANET PACT Student-Parent Expectations - FINAL.pdf 

MAMS Bell Schedules

As we move through the school year, we will use three different bell schedules depending on what type of daily schedule we are running.  In the link below, you will see a regular day, activity day, and a 2-hour delay bell schedule.  The vast majority of our days in school will follow the regular day bell schedule.  We will communicate with you and your student in advance if a daily schedule changes to one of the attached.  We may send you other modified bell schedules in the future if we need to adjust our schedules to accommodate programs being offered in school.

We expect all LSI students to live stream into homeroom by 7:40 AM each day to report their initial attendance for the day and to receive any homeroom directions and announcements.  Additionally, all LSI students must live stream into the classroom at least 2-minutes before the start of each period for every course on their schedule except for Physical Education, Study Hall, and Lunch.  Students will be placed into a Zoom waiting room to allow teachers to verify LSI student identity before acceptance into the classroom.  This is done for internet security purposes.  We don’t want unwanted intruders/hackers ruining our educational setting.

Bell Schedules.pdf 

Zoom Meetings and LSI Student Zoom Accounts
(Updated 09.04.20)

Teachers will publish a unique classroom meeting ID/Link that will be posted to each course Schoology page.  The unique Zoom Meeting ID/Links will be located within a folder labeled LSI Link and Information.  Teachers will manage the security and confidentiality of these these links by only allowing LSI student access to the Schoology LSI Link and Information folder.

There is no need to create a free Zoom Account for Live Stream Interactive (LSI) Instruction. Students may use Zoom as participants as long as the meetings are being managed by teachers.

MASD Student E-mail Accounts

The use of MASD student e-mail accounts will be used to create clear lines of communication between staff members and students.  LSI students will be expected to check school e-mail several times a day.  All MASD e-mail accounts will be used for educational purposes.  Never use this account for personal communication with anyone.

The easiest way to access this e-mail account is as follows:

  • Simply go to any web browser, remove the www and enter: and hit enter
  • This will bring you to a Microsoft Sign-in page
  • Enter student e-mail:
  • Enter password – enter the students six digit Student ID #
If you don’t know your student ID #, go to Skyward; Student Info Tab; find the Other ID # that is listed in the student information.  The Other ID # is the same as the Student ID #

Schoology – Learning Management System

Schoology will be the primary location for a teacher to manage the classroom.  All LSI students must use a Student Schoology Account to access all teacher course pages.

Anyone who is logged in to Schoology via a PARENT account WILL NOT be able to access Schoology content appropriately.  Parents who log in to Schoology via the PARENT Login Portal,, will have “view only” access. Access to a STUDENT account is not available via a PARENT account.

Access Student Schoology accounts at:

Schoology Link



Password:  six digit Student ID #

Go to:  Courses or My Courses to find each course page

Under "Materials," and posted in the middle of a course page, each teacher will have a folder labeled LSI Link and Information.  Within that folder, LSI students will find the Zoom link to stream into a course each day.  LSI will be streaming for whatever portion of the class that the teacher feels is necessary…most likely during any demonstrations or lectures.  It may not be for the entire period.

Course Materials, Resources and Textbooks

Most of our instructional materials, resources and textbooks can be accessed through each teachers Schoology page.  As classes begin, each teacher will notify LSI students through live stream sessions, Schoology or e-mail of any instructional materials that cannot be transmitted electronically and will need to be picked up at the school. Students should check their e-mail and Schoology pages regularly to determine if instructional materials need to be picked up in the main office.