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Students Join in ‘Hatch the Chicken’ Educational Program

Eighth-graders in Nikki Hegerich’s science classes at Mars Area Middle School are studying the embryonic development and the cellular process as part of a “Hatch the Chicken” educational program.

During a five-week period, the students are tracking the development of seven fertilized chicken eggs. Eighth-graders will also use candling techniques to observe the growth of the chicks.

In addition, a livestream webcam has also been set up to track the chick’s progress in the “The Hegerich Hatchery.” To view the livestream, visit

The Hegerich Hatchery - LiveStream

After a 21-day incubation period, the chicks are expected to hatch on or around Tuesday, April 26. The students will then care for the chicks during the last two weeks of the program.

All equipment and materials for the project were provided through the Western Pennsylvania “Hatch the Chicken” program. For more information, visit