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Mars Area Middle School

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Technology Assistance for Students Available 24/7

Mars Area students in need of assistance with District-issued technology devices are encouraged to reach out to the Mars Help Desk, available 24/7 via the following options:

(Note: Contact information for the Help Desk has changed.)       

  1. Phone — (724) 900-2300
  2. E-mail —
  3. Help Desk — available at both Mars Area High School and Mars Area Middle School

Upon receipt of the request for assistance, the IT engineer who responds will create a Technology Ticket and will work to resolve the issue, at which time the ticket will be closed. After receiving the request for assistance, the IT engineer will immediately assess the nature of the technology issue to determine if it can be addressed remotely or if on-site support is needed.

  • Remote Assistance— If the technology issue can be addressed remotely, the IT engineer will request rights to access the device remotely and will attempt to resolve the issue.

  • On-Site Support — If the technology issue requires in-school assistance, the IT engineer will dispatch on-site support to address the issue. This service is only available when school is in session. 
  • Help Desk Assistance — If a request for technology assistance is made at the Mars Help Desk at Mars Area High School and/or Mars Area Middle School, an available IT engineer will work to resolve the issue immediately, when possible. If it is determined that the issue cannot be resolved immediately, the Mars Help Desk may provide a loaner device/equipment, if available, until the technology issue is resolved and the original device/equipment is returned.

For more information, contact the individual school building.