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Summer School

A student that fails to achieve a final course grade of 60% or higher will fail that course for the school year.

Mars Area School District Policy 204 Student Attendance states:

"A student who is absent from class without an excused absence will receive a grade of "I" or "Incomplete" in the final marking period, regardless of the student's grade point average, if that student does not meet course requirements through any one (1) or a combination of the following: 

    1. An excessive number of unexcused absences from class. (10 for a semester and 20 for a year-long course.) 
    2. Failure to complete major projects and/or research papers.
    3. Failure to make up required work.
Acceptable absences from class will include, but will not be limited to:
    1. Medical appointments.
    2. Medical excuses.
    3. School field trips and activities.
    4. Family emergencies.
    5. Educational tours."

Medical documentation for all absences beyond the level of twenty (20) days will be required if said absences are to be considered excused. If a student receives an “Incomplete” for a course, the “Incomplete” will constitute course failure and the above retention procedures will be implemented.


A student that fails two (2) or more core, academic subjects for the school year will be retained in the same grade level for the next school year.


The only possible way for a student to be promoted to the next level is if the student attends an approved summer school to retake the failed classes. The specific courses, duration, time and cost vary slightly from year to year. Tuition is paid for by the parents.


If this option is being considered, a meeting should be held with the principal and/or school counselor to discuss which classes need to be taken and if the summer school meets appropriate class requirements.

Recovery Credit Programs

Listed below are approved schools and contact information for Recovery Credit programs.

The Keystone School (correspondence and online credit recovery)
Ph: (800) 255-4937

Seneca Valley Academy of Choice (online credit recovery)
Seneca Valley Intermediate High School
Ph: (724) 452-6040, ext. 1012

Waterfront Learning (online credit recovery)
Contact: Dr. Rick Glosser, Mars Area Cyber Academy  contact
Ph: (724) 625-1518, ext. 1529
E-mail: [email protected]

Any organizations and/or links listed on this page are offered for informational purposes only and do not constitute any endorsement or warranty of services by Mars Area School District. Any individual choosing to contact any of the above organizations does so at their own risk and Mars Area School District, its agents and employees assume no liability that may be attributed to use of these providers/agencies.